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Dead Man's trove

A pirate crew finds itself a map by sheer luck and set off on an adventure for treasure. Their journey has many normal things in a pirate's daily life. Sword fighting, swabbing the deck, a wrong direction or two, and a siren on deck. A SIREN ON DECK? This pirate crew isn't the only one looking for treasure and the trip may get significantly more dangerous from here on out. Will our stowaway siren help or leave the crew to Davy Jones Locker? 

2023 Skelton Series proudly presents Dead Man's Trove produced by Sonder Performance Company.

2023 Starlets: Allsion Hale; Bella Carillo; Eliza Wallace; Evelyn Wallace; Harper Thurman; Ireland Wallace; Lorelei Wallace; Naomi Wallace; Rosalie Wallace

Coaches: Xanthia Lace McCaul; Head Coach | Hope Cantrell; Assistant Coach

Narration: Bobby Skelton

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