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Touring performance team

Sonder Starlets

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no cost to families

The Sonder Starlets are completely donation and sponsor driven with no charge to company members. This allows families and Starlets to focus on growing and thriving as a performer without any additional stress. It also allows for wonderful lifelong connections to be made with incredible sponsors.

diverse & inclusive

Our team is comprised of Starlets of many different sizes, shapes, and ages! We accept company members between the ages of 8 and 18 years old and are not limited to a certain district or county. 2023 Starlets represented 3 different school districts.

travel opportunities

We perform all season long through incredible travel opportunities. Rather than a single recital performance, our team has many opportunities to do their show and become better performers. We go to festivals, events, parades and more to share our show with adoring audiences and making unforgettable memories along the way.

2024's NEW travel location is Jefferson City, Missouri!

no experience required

Our team is audition only, BUT there is no prior dance experience  necessary. Everything a Starlet will need to know will be taught in technique training and practices throughout the season. Those interested in becoming future Starlets are encouraged to show up willing to work hard, trust in teamwork, and give it their best!

upport Our Team

One of the most integral parts of this program is support from people and companies just like you! We provide this year-long program (January- December) at NO COST to our girl’s families thanks to the generous donations each season.

The Sonder Starlets have shown incredible dedication to their craft and are on the path to achieving great things this season. We intend to share a powerful story with a wide range of audiences this year and we believe that you could play a crucial role in helping the Starlets reach new heights!

Donations and Sponsors are always needed and it has never been easier to help the Starlets achieve their dreams! Click below!

Meet the fam!

The team is comprised of more than just performers. It takes a lot of hands and many creative minds to produce such breathtaking shows. As many elements as possible of our shows are created in-house. We take great pride in teaching and allowing artists to help bring our vision to life each season. Everything from the costumes, props, and sets are created by the hands of our company members and volunteers.

this year's show


This year, we are visiting a quiet little village in the middle of the woods. Everything seems normal, until a wolf howl reminds us that it's the full moon. The full moon doesn't seem to scare Little Red and her friends as they sneak out to play in the forest... until someone goes missing. With Mother there to protect the girls of the village and Vana Helsing mysteriously arriving to help find the wolf, something just seems off this full moon. Will Little Red find her friend or find herself facing a beast?

Photos to come!

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