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With so much going on here, it's no surprise we have a stellar group of storytellers helping to make everything happen! Collaboration and creativity are at the heart of Sonder Studio so we are proud to watch this list grow and evolve over time. Get to know our amazing instructors, creators, and team below!


Xanthia Lace
founder & creative director

My entire life I have wanted to tell the world stories. At their very core, I think they are vital to us as humans to learn and communicate with one another. I have found fulfillment in hearing, listening, and telling tales that captivate audiences and live on for generations to come.

I've first hand seen the power of performances and art and how they can move even the most frigid of facades. I've witnessed healing, sorrow, empowerment, growth, and change all through art and the almost limitless possibilities "art" is.

In the past, I relentlessly pursued a creative environment and safe place for all to enjoy their own art, style, beliefs, and expressions. During my time at home, I found so much inspiration in the communities around me that I realized I wanted to provide this type of space right here in my own small town. Thanks to my incredibly supportive family and friends, I was able to create that space right in the heart of Potosi, Missouri. 

The term "sonder" is the realization that every passerby you meet has a life just as vivid and complex as your own and it is my never ending goal that Sonder Studio is a place where we get to reveal and relish in those complexities. The Studio tells narratives in art, in dance, in music, in literature, in explorative experiences and anything we set our minds to create. We give artists a space to be seen, heard, and appreciated while giving our community perspectives they may never get anywhere else. 

 Sonder Studio is so much more than an art gallery or entertainment venue, this is where stories come to life...


Come back soon for more info! Thank you for your patience as we continue to grow!

Hope Cantrell
artistic director 


tiffany voyles
events stylist


Come back soon for more info! Thank you for your patience as we continue to grow!


Sabrina Mitchell is continuing generations of cake decorators. Her grandmother, mother, and sister all decorated cakes, but she didn’t show an interest until about 5 years ago.

She helped her grandmother decorate cupcakes for a family wedding and this is where she fell in love with buttercream. Sabrina runs a small local cake business here in little Potosi, Mo. This is the town that she met her high school sweetheart and is now raising her two young girls. They love to watch their mom create fun and exciting cakes that are also yummy!


5 years ago she didn’t realize this would be her passion, or how far she would come with it. But her goal is to grow her cake business and start a local bakery. Sabrina’s favorite thing is challenging cake designs that help her become a better cake decorator.

Working with Sonder Studio has been a blast. It has helped give me more opportunities with my business, connecting with the community, and teaching me more about myself and where I want to be in life!


It is our goal to always offer new and exciting classes, courses, and workshops. We love working with talented artists with the desire to teach and create with others! Start telling your story here at the Studio today!

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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sabrina mitchell
cake design instructor

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